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SVA MFA 30th Anniversary!

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A couple of days ago I attended the alumni opening of SVA MFA Illustration as the Visual Essay 30th anniversary show and to say the least it was both humbling and awesome to see such a display of stunning work covering every aspect of illustration, comics, and things that are created.

Attending and graduating from that program has made me friends for life and I can say with out a doubt that my career as an illustrator and cartoonist would not have been the same.

Paul Hoppe and I developed this magazine during our last year at SVA. In fact the first three issues were produced on the programs photo-copier. (which was epic because we didn’t know that the machine would collate for us… so many pages)

As you can see in the photo above they put our book right out on display in a case all of its own!

The public opening will be on the November 11th. Check it out well worth it!


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