Rabid Rabbit

Rabid Rabbit #14


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120 pages

Magazine size.

This is a book of Love. The pursuit of love and the lack of love. “I ♡ Rabid Rabbit” tumbles through the trials and tribulations of desired and the dejected of the lost and the lusted. In this book you’ll find stories that flirt with the star-crossed lovers to the lament of those who have lost or never had that of which their hearts have longed. Over thirty comic artists explore tales of the wistfully romanced and the utterly broken-hearted.

Featuring thirty three comic creations of J.L. Barry, Nathan Bulmer, Jess Worby, Tim Hamilton, Jess Ruliffson, J.T.Yost, Wendi Koontz, Aya Kakeda, Rafa Alvarez, Lindsey FeinbergCharles Fetherolf, Trip Carroll,  Tory SicaSophia WiedemanWill VarnerVictor Kerlow,  Josh Burggraf, Anuj ShresthaChadwick WhitheadC.M.ButzerKripa JoshiS.Y.ChoiTao NyeuNeil NumbermanMatt RotaFay RyuSofia FalkenhelmPaul HoppeSakura Maku,  Al OritzMarion VitusBen SeaBen Trinh, and Reuben Negron!

Also in this issue:
The last page by Adam Eye!

A romantic and loving cover by none other than the amazing Matt Rota!

Here are some lovingly wrought samples from this issue! (in order from left to right- Anuj Shrestha, Tim Hamilton, Chadwick Whitehead, Sofia Falkenhem, Jess Rufillson, & Kripa Joshi)



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