Rabid Rabbit

Rabid Rabbit #12

Rabid Rabbit Goes to Hell

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108 pages

Rabid Rabbit Goes To hell and takes all of it’s contributing comic creators with it. This is our fifth year anniversary issue and it is simply awesome in demonic girth and hellish content. This book is damned with new artists and burning with previous contributors.

Featuring the comic creations of Tory SicaSophia WiedemanWill VarnerVictor KerlowBrendan LeachJosh Burggraf, Anuj ShresthaAriyana SuvarnasuddhiViktor KoenChadwick Whithead,C.M.ButzerKripa JoshiS.Y.ChoiTao NyeuJung Yeon RohNeil NumbermanMatt RotaFay RyuSofia FalkenhelmPaul HoppeSakura Maku,LeleAndres Vera MartinezAngbot DazbogMarion VitusBen SeaBen Trinh,and Reuben Negron!

Also in this issue:
A story of hell and damnation by Adam Eye!

And an Awesomely Dynamic Cover by none other than the amazing Nathan Fox!

Here are some devilish samples from this issue!


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