Rabid Rabbit

Rabid Rabbit #10

“Kitty Kitty”

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Pages: 80
Size: 8.5″x11 Magazine

Rabid Rabbit’s Kitty Kitty is 80 pages of comics dedicated to the love/hate relationship we have with our feline friends/masters. Each of the comic creators sharpens their claws and pens as they craft stories of kittens and cats that is sure to enthrall both those who love cats and those who despise them!

Featuring the comic creations of Anuj ShresthaBen MarraAya KakedaChadwick Whithead,C.M.ButzerKripa JoshiS.Y.ChoiMike ReddyTao NyeuCharles FetherolfNeil NumbermanMatt RotaFay RyuEdwin VasquezSal AmendolaMarshal ArismanPaul HoppeWendi KoontzSakura Maku,John GreenAndres Vera MartinezAngbot DazbogMarion VitusBen Sea,Ben Trinh,and Reuben Negron!

Also in this issue:
Words of catty disgust from Adam Eye!
and a graceful kitty introduction by Kim Ablondi!

The cover is a beautifully and slighty creepy/loving rendition by Steven Tabbutt

These are samples from this magazine