Rabid Rabbit

Submission Policy

With the growing popularity of Rabid Rabbit we’ve had requests of submitting comics. Rabid Rabbit was originated in the idea of a non-profit promotional tool for talented yet widely unknown comic creators. All printed material has been at the direct request of the Rabid Rabbit staff after much consideration. Now that we have been approached with unsolicited requests to contribute we’ve developed a submission policy.

Rabid Rabbit is open to submissions. That said, do not draw up a comic and send it to us. The magazine is always theme based and unrelated material will not be printed. If you are interested in contributing to Rabid Rabbit please contact us with the intent of showing us sample pieces. Please title your correspondence “Rabid Rabbit Submissions” or we may not acknowledge your request.

Rabid Rabbit has extremely limited space to expand its collection of creators. This restriction means that even the best work may not get into a magazine being that we will show preference to previous contributors. Don’t allow this to discourage you, we want to see your work! Although we may not be able to fit you into an issue, future or alternative opportunities may arise.

As the magazine grows we will have alternative opportunities for exposure. This website will be a place to feature work that does not appear in the magazine and will have a higher turnover in posted work.

The staff of Rabid Rabbit wants you to draw comics even if they do not get featured in our magazine. As stated before this is a non-profit venture and all contributions are unpaid. Our mission is to support a community in its growth and promote those who we favor.

Thank you,