Rabid Rabbit

About Rabid Rabbit

Rabid Rabbit Comic Anthology is a Brooklyn based comic art magazine that assembles some of world’s best upcoming and renowned comic creators. The goal of the magazine is to provide for its artists a dynamic platform in which they can exhibit their exceptional talents.

Each magazine is centered on a specific theme that the artists execute in diverse comic techniques. It is this diversity and high standard of professional quality that sets Rabid Rabbit apart from the numerous comic and cartoon compilations. These standards have attracted celebrated artists as Marshall Arisman , Nathan Fox, and David Sandlin. As well a noted upcomers as Fay Ryu, Anuj Shrestha, and Sakura Maku.

Rabid Rabbit was the brain child of Paul Hoppe and C.M.Butzer in the spring of 2005. They wanted to create a comic anthology that worked as a complete magazine as opposed to selection of unrelated comics. After much labor (labor is work plus equal parts beer) Issue 1, “Night of the Rabid Rabbit” was born. After the success of the 1st issue at the Mocca fest 2005 it was all downhill.. or uphill if you ask them to many excellent issues.

Birth of Rabid Rabbit comic

For those who like the words with pictures we have prepared this.

Team Rabid Rabbit

This is the dedicated team that produces all things Rabid Rabbit. There are no salaries or bonuses- like all of the comic contributors these individuals contribute their time and resources to make this the best magazine possible.



C.M.Butzer co-founded Rabid Rabbit with Paul Hoppe in May of 2005

C.M.Butzer was born and raised in a small town in Oregon just outside of Portland. In 1992 Butzer left Oregon to attend Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle where he earned a BFA in Illustration. After school he worked for Wizards of the Coast. In 1998 he moved to Florence, Italy to become a tour guide on the Italian renaissance. In Florence, he met Luigi Galante, who ran a didactic illustration studio. C.M. apprenticed for six months and was hired on as a full time illustrator. He worked for Studio Galante for nearly five years before moving to New York City to earn his MFA at the School Visual Arts. Butzer Graduated 2005 and worked since as a Cartoonist, Illustrator, and Storyboard Artist. In 2009 Harper Collins published his “Gettysburg” the graphic novel. He is currently working on his second book and working as a storyboard and concept illustrator. His work has been featured in the Society of Illustrators, American Library Association, and the Graphic Novel Reporter. C.M.Butzer teaches Independent Comics at the School of Visual Arts.

The samples below are the cover of Rabid Rabbit #6 and pages from issues #11 & #12

www.cmbutzer.com (website)

cmbutzer.blogspot.com (Blog)

Paul Hoppe

Art Director


Paul Hoppe co-founded Rabid Rabbit with C.M.Butzer in May of 2005.

Paul Hoppe is a writer and illustrator of children’s books and graphic novels, as well as a freelance illustrator for publications and advertising agencies. He also teaches occasionally at the School of VISUAL ARTS. Born in Poland and raised in Germany, he now lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Samples of Pauls work below are the cover of Rabid Rabbit #4 and pages from Rabid Rabbit #5 and #11.


www.paulhoppe.com (website)

paulhoppeblog.blogspot.com (blog)

Sungyoon Choi

Rabid Rabbit Lead Designer

Sungyoon Choi is an illustrator and a comic book artist living in Brooklyn, New York. She studied illustration at School of Visual Arts MFA program. In 2008 she illustrated the graphic novel “American Widow” for Villard press. She also has done concept & storyboard art for numerous advertising agencies in New York. Sung Yoon also teaches “the Art of the Graphic Novel” at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan.

Clients include The New York Times, NY Mag, Art Asia Pacific Magazine, Random House, First Second Books.

Samples below are the cover to Rabid Rabbit #8 and comics from issues #5 & #13

choiarts.com. (website)

Ben X. Trinh

Promotion Director

Ben X. Trinh was born in Arkansas, raised in Memphis, Tennessee. He them moved to New Orleans and earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology and a Bachelor’s of Art degree in Fine Art from Tulane. Ben Trinh is a graduate of School of Visual Arts as a Master of Fine Art in Illustration. He currently resides in Brooklyn, where he makes art, throws a good barbecue, and occassionally wonders what his life would have been like had he chosen to be a doctor. Ben is the lead singer for “Let’s Destroy“.  Trinh is currently a Graphic Designer for Creative services at HIT entertainment

The samples of Ben’s work below are the cover to Rabid Rabbit #11 and pages from Rabid Rabbit #5 and #12.

www.kingbennie.com (website)